RIPNDIP Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks for hunting. All the eggs are found now!  Congrats to all the winners.


Ripndip Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday April 9th @ 1pm Local Time.  Online & In-Store!

Each Ripndip store will be hiding 10 Easter Eggs around their city with $100 gift cards in each Egg.  Be the first to find the Easter Egg and you will get $100 off at the local Ripndip retail store.  

Step 1: Follow the local Ripndip Store in your city. 

Los Angeles: Follow @Ripndip

New York: Follow @Ripndip.NY

CDMX: Follow @Ripndip.MX

Japan: Follow @Ripndip.JP

Hong Kong: Follow @RipndipHK_Official

Step 2:  View your local Ripndip stores Instagram Stories for clues of where they will be hiding the Eggs.  

Step 3: HUNT FOR THE EGGS!  First come first serve

Step 4: If you find an Egg go to the Ripndip Store and get $100 of FREE product! 1 Egg per person valid in-store.

Don't live in one of these cities?  Don't worry we got you!  

Go to @ 1pm PST on Sunday.  There will be 10 $100 gift cards hidden across the website.  They may be hidden in photos, product descriptions, and any other pages on the website.  First person to redeem the code at checkout on our website will get $100 off!

Ripndip Easter Egg Hunter 2023