A Walk in the Park with RIPNDIP: Pop-Up Opening Weekend

On Friday, July 8th, RIPNDIP once again presented a full scale, immersive brand installation in the iconic Fairfax shopping district. The project, titled A Walk in the Park with RIPNDIP, bring a fresh merge of art and culture to not only the already historically established Fairfax Ave., but also to the fashion industry and its standard role of what an apparel store is. The space is camouflaged with rolling grass hills and life-sized sculptures of feline-plants, welcoming each visitor with an array of expressions. Using the product as the starting point, RIPNDIP has dreamed up a world where objects take human form and your favorite brand characters are brought to life. Through this experiential way of storytelling, the brand creates the opportunity for a direct and personal connection to RIPNDIP. 


More than just a label, RIPNDIP is an identity. It is the intersection of comedy and art. It is a distinct language embraced by many. Originally established as an apparel brand inspired by skateboarding culture, RIPNDIP has developed into a unique voice of symbolism that is instantly recognizable and beloved by its following. The brand is driven by the iconic imaging of Nermal, the mischievous blue-eyed cat, and many popular culture influences, ranging from visual arts to modern experience. RIPNDIP finds energy in the space between the dull moments of life, weaving together art, design, humor, and sound into a space of community and a movement of fantasy-like activations.

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441 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles Ca, 90036  Open Daily 11am-7pm until the end of September

Images courtesy of RIPNDIP, all photos by Jason Henry