Email of the week

Posted October 01 2010

Another happy customer


Posted September 30 2010

If you live near daytona go over to dirt city and say whats up to JT and Joe. Pick up some ripndip on the way out.


Posted September 29 2010

Whole crew went down to the MIA this weekend for a new kind of contest series called "bum rush the spot"
presented by Joel Meinholz. The idea behind is that you rush a spot for two hours and best trick wins a hundred
bucks. Keeping in mind these are everyday street spots that you skate anyways, so there's a slight chance you
could get kicked out. Then there's an after party with a mini ramp. Pretty much the dope show! There's going to
be another bum rush the spot on Oct 23rd on the Jungle double set. See you there!

be good babas

RND tall tee

Team photo

Luis came up on a quick hundred for a fs sugarcane

Bum rush crew 2010


Skate this mini ramp all day thanks to the Goat crew

Jacks first wall trick

Justin cranks one out

Never thought I'd see bert dancing in the club


Posted September 23 2010

Throw a couple frosty ones down the ol' hatch in this RIPNDIP renegade tee

Shot and edited by: Grant Yansura

New Commercial in the works

Posted September 19 2010

Its about time for a new commercial and who better to chase than Cesar Fernandez.. stay tuned. This one
is going to be good.