sneak peak into spring / new ripndip site

Posted January 30 2012

We finally got a new ripndip site! Fully equipped with an instagram page, weekendtage page, twitter, facebook, and a new clean looking store. My good friends Andrew Nedimyer and Barry Sevig from camp doug built this ripndip site for us.


So to make room for all the new spring stuff coming out we're having a sale on all the old stuff. Check out our new store and you'll see everything on sale. Also we've restocked the nermal and wolf pocket tees if you missed them the first time around. I've been getting a lot of emails about when spring is going to drop.. We're just waiting on the hats to be done and we'll drop the whole new line. Spring is going to be huge, including 9 new styles of 5 panel hats, 9 new shirts, and a jacket or two. There's not an exact date on the drop yet, but I'll be letting everyone know one week before we drop (mid feb is when we're shooting for). Keep up with us on facebook, twitter, tumblr and you'll see it on there.