A walk through Highland Park

Posted August 18 2011

Here's a little update to the site before we drop our fall collection of 2011. I don't wanna give too much
away but there's going to be 16 new items added to the ripndip online store near the end of this month. For
everyone that doesn't know or is new to the brand we've(myself and Grant) moved out to Los Angeles, California
to live the dream. Ha.. Really though Grant got a job at the Berrics and I can make just about any garment I want
right here in LA. Win win. Todays post is just a little walk through our neighborhood on the way to the post office
to drop off some orders. Enjoy.

This photo store is so creepy. The laid they runs is out of her mind and doesn't sell any of the stuff in there.

Vivitar woulda probably sold more lenses if they called them Nermal vision.

This made me miss home a little bit.

Another day at the post office. "See yuh tomorrow!"."