Washington/Camping/AMERICAN PRIDE

Posted July 15 2011

Went on a little road trip to Cory's house in Lake Stevens, WA(photo above) and here's a few flicks from
our adventures. All shot on a Canon digital SRL.

The Kennedy's backyard.

Shane killin it with them angles.

Vince and Freedom.


Only in America

Lake Stevens, WA

Took a camping trip to Orcas Island while in WA.

Brandon keeps it safe with his cute wrist guard.

Orcas Island skate park, WA.

Cory Kennedy front side.

We're over here shredding the park and these two(Payton Kennedy & Shane sk8rats) are napping. WTF!
Sometime your boys can't hang with the big dogs at the park.

Take a hike bro. -life

So we hiked.

I'm all... what the?

So we kept hiking until we found the beach then we set up camp.

Camps all set up. Time to sucks a few cold ones back with the boys.

So rewarding.

Vince was mighty thirsty.

ohh buddy we're campin now.


hot potato

Well that's that and I'll leave you this photo of the moon light over looking some body of water that I'm too
lazy to look up right now cuz its really late and I wanna go to sleep. Until next year Orcas Island.. -O'CON

Ps: I took four rolls of film on this trip but CVS(fuckers) messed them all up so I'm going to make a post
from all the film photos when I get back from Street League on Monday night. m/