Posted July 01 2011

These four photos are shot through the eyes of Nelson Mestril.
Bert Wootton eats dust

Jonny Scianneaux

Jonny krook fakie

Bert tail slide?

Hyped on this song right this second and it fits this post. enjoy -OCON

Nelson Mestril shot this roll with this LC-A+ Compact 35mm Camera and here's his story.. "The film I used
was an expired roll of Fuji Superia 400, which I placed in boiling water for five minutes and then left to dry
in a bag of rice for 24 hours. The effect that this process had on the photos turned out to be exactly what
I was looking for,a photo that had slight discoloration with minimal damage to the actual subjects in the
frame. It's always fun to just go out there and try something fresh and new with the outcome not always
predictable. It's the taking a chance part of film photography that excites me the most. I hope you enjoy
them as much as I do. Thanks."

Nelsons flickr