Boot Hill

Posted August 23 2010

After all the years of dining and ditching, fucking with security guards, and ruining old grandmother’s days at cracker barrels, the antics finally caught up with me. Although I don’t partake in these activities anymore, I have done it all before with the likes of bert, ryan, ian, Daniel, grant, etc. We have had nothing but fun in mind but sometimes you pay for what you do. Sometimes, serious shit can go down, and you gotta be prepared to deal with it. I was traveling in Brazil and Argentina with my girlfriend when karma caught up to me. In Buenos Aires the Rip n’ Dip tables were turned. Directly in front of our awesome hotel was the plaza San Martin, a beautiful park, in the center of the city. My girlfriend and I walked around and decided to take some pictures. So I whip it out, the camera, and start taking some pictures, the last one I got was of her by the stairs and the grass hill (you can see the bastards behind the small tree). They came up and started to ask for money, food, and cigarettes in Spanish. I knew what was going on and so did she. So they started to yell camera! camera! Then they grabbed her arm and asked, “you like her?” while motioning for the camera. This is when it all got craze, one of the guys put her in a headlock and went for the camera as the other guy tried to “wrestle me”. Within seconds we both were free and I noticed the camera (with 200 plus photos from our trip) in one of the little fuckers hands. They both bolted down the hill. One of them tried to go down stairs, but didn’t make it far after I pushed him; he rolled down a couple sets and lay there still. The one with the camera ran down the hill with me right behind him. Once I caught up with him at the bottom of the hill I tackled him and released all of my anger on his head. Sometimes when you try and dip your just gonna get blasted in the dome. In doing this I also managed to break the camera (but we got the memory card). What does this have to do with Rip n Dip? Well I was wearing the black windbreaker and it kept me looking mighty fresh throughout the whole ordeal. Obviously that is a joke. But in all reality it is cold as hell in the southern hemisphere right now and all the Rip n Dip hoodies and jackets kept us warm the whole time. Much respect to the whole Rip n Dip crew and I miss you all. Stay safe on the streets and look out for them hooligans.