Posted March 04 2010

RND Kook OUT Tour

3/6 Demo at Phipps Skatepark in West Palm at 6:30 P.M. – Cook out, skate, and toss of products
Directions: Phipps Skate park

3/7 Demo at New Hollywood Skate park in Hollywood, FL at 7:00 P.M. – skate and product toss
Directions: New Hollywood Skate park

3/10 Cook out at Street-1 skateshop 4:30. Demo at the Naples skate park at 6 PM - skate and product toss
Directions: Naples Skate park

3/11 Demo at the Englewood skate park at 4 PM - skate, cook out and product toss
Directions: Englewood Skate park

3/13 St. Pete Skatepark 3pm - skate, cook out and product toss
Directions: St. Pete skate park