RIGHT FOOT FORWARD Artshow for Covert

Posted February 22 2010

Presenting the RIGHT FOOT FORWARD benefit art show. During the Summer of 2009 Cover Skateshop was
broken into, and their entire shoe inventory was robbed, leaving owner, Tommy Mot, with nothing but a
wall full of right shoes. Tommy came up with the idea to give all the floor models to local artists for them
to redesign and sell to benefit Covert. Some of the artists include Andrew Spear, Dolla Bill, Dres13, just to
name a few. Fastforward to February 20, 2010 at Bold Hype art gallery where we see Covert fans here to
support the shop. Big thanks to Covert Skateshop, Andrew Spear and all the contributing artists, and
Bold Hype Gallery for hosting the event.

Filmed & Edited by Daniel Wheatley