Coverts is putting the RIGHT foot forward

Posted February 17 2010


On the night of August 18 2009 COVERT SKATE SHOP was robbed. An entire selection of shoes were taken,
leaving only the 20 display shoes on the wall. To turn this tragedy into something positive we teamed up with
BOLD HYPE GALLERY and gave these display shoes to some of our favorite artists. The artists will be using these
shoes as their canvas or inspiration in creating new pieces of work. On February 20th come see how this negative
event in COVERT's history is turned into a positive with this one of a kind art show.

Some of the artists will be Andrew Spear, Dolla, Brice Stephens, Dustin Orlando, Charles Marklin, Dennis
Hansbury, Jester, Nathan Spoor, Scott Scheidly, Rafeal Santiago, Phil Noto, Francesco Lo Castro, Johannah O Donnell,
Bagger 43, Patrick Fatica, Douglas Hoffman, DRES 13, David Hoskins and the Diversitile Crew.

Come on out and support your local!