HELLA would?

Posted August 16 2009

Chris Thiessen, Atlanta film maker extraordinaire, is coming out with a new video. Unlike his past two videos Scarlet Fever (2007) and Meanwhile (2008), Hella’wood is an overwhelming 16 minute collage of altered footage, manipulated cityscapes, and even flashes of Scruff Mcgruff. The idea behind Hella’wood almost seems like a recreation of an acid trip. The quick editing, mixture of music and noise, and flashing colors could be hazardous for anyone with epilepsy. All the footage is filmed off the computer screen. If that wasn’t a different enough look, while re-filming everything Chris over and underexposed different things making it even trippier. Chris wanted to make a video that was just different from his others and wanted to make something with a little more creative spin to it. He approached Hella’wood as a piece or a short film rather than a normal skate video . Personally I think he’s reliving his hallucinogenic drug days he’s kept secret from all of us for all these years.

Hell’wood will be premiering Wednesday, August 29th at the East Side Lounge in Atlanta, GA. A short run of 50ish copies will be made (possible even some on VHS!). Not to worry all you out-of-towners, Chris will post the whole video online shortly after. So either get your skateboards prepped for a bad ass video to get you pumped to go skate, or get your mushrooms and incense ready for the wildest trip of your life. Or hell, maybe just do both.