RND is all over the Redbull podium

Posted August 05 2009

Last weekend we took a trip down to Miami for Redbulls manny mania contest. Cruising
with none other than the manual master mind known as Bert Wootton I knew deep down
we had a shot at the gold. The contest was legit this year being indoor with ac and
buttery ground opposed to last year in jacksonville where it was dead hot and for some
reason out door on some earth quake ground. Cody lucas is was all over this contest
too so you know we be OUT! Johan Stuckey was in this contest but was on some other
shit besides mannys.. The judges had a super hard time with this one and gave it to
Bert Wootton with 2nd place and 3rd place to Cody Lucas. Bert also won best trick
with backside feeble grind transfer to nose manual shove out.
I wanna give a shout out to Cody Lucas turning 22 on monday!! wooohoo

The real winners.

Bert Wootton no comply switch manny for the best trick.
Bert No Comply sw manny for the win