Gainseville Contest

Posted February 06 2009

A few words from Ian...

A town full of ex’s, you’d think id stay about 100 miles away, so instead I let ryan o’connor coerce me into going to skate a contest. With the reputation that Gainesville has presented to me before, usually full of not so good luck, within five minutes of getting there I rolled my foot over and it then proceeded to swell up like a softball. After a night of icing my foot in 30 degree weather and having to sleep in a house with complaining residents imposing wacky rules on us about our stay there, we woke up bright and early the next morning to go to this contest.
The set up was as follows: 200 skaters, all skate the same thing at the same time for some money. It takes a real organizational mastermind to come up with that plan right? So with no skating happening on my part, I knew the Rip ‘n’ Dip team would be in some serious trouble. Yonis Molina was hired to be my replacement, though I didn’t see him actually skate any of the obstacles in the contest. So it came down to Ryan O'Connor, Bert Wootton, and Johan Stuckey. Not to mention a missing Jack Moran, who after a psychic told me he was going to be a no show, he did just that. After trying out my new career as a staff photographer instead of skating, I decided it would be a good idea to give all the actual photographers their gear back and let them shoot the contest, after all, some of them were getting paid for this contest.
Deciding it might be a good idea to take a seat and quit bugging everyone for a bit, I sat back and watched everyone throw themselves down a shitty, steep handrail and stairs. DP killed it, Bert no complied it, Spinosa sw tre'd Joey did a flip board spin thing to railslide, blah blah blah blah, contest over now, everybody won some money except me with a softball for a foot.


Bert No complied the stairs first try... WHAT?!?!