Don't mess with the APK

Posted January 25 2009

 Quick clip to show you how smart APK finest is..

Here is Grant and Bert. Grant is the ripndip filmer, and he cant smell. Bert is ripndip golden child, wore those clothes three days straight, and is my fellow cod soldier. I went skating with these little fuckwits today and it reminded me of how dumb USA is and how much APKs finest  looks like ten pounds of shit in an eight pound bag and also that i need to get my life on track cuz i had a wee bit of fun. we went to apopka to skate some dumb rail that i couldnt even ripndip on. anyways ocon wanted to jump on a fity and i was like o ya ba bah. and bert wanted to drop hammers all over this stupid cahall spot. heikilla just wanted to shoot a godam photo and i just wanted to go to sleep and dream about ymt. so instead of skating it we bombed a hill to grass to see how far we could go. i went farthest grant couldnt even bomb the hill. so im chillen lookin at this cop car come flying thru the grass and get air no joke on a jump. he got out and yelled the shit out of us especially me cuz i was far away. but the best part is there was a smokin hot cop a female no homo. yada yada yelling, gets nice, used to skate, whole nine yards, calls ocon shuan white and carrot top, stunned to realize grant is 19, girl cop was in heaven, ids came out then they went away cuz we be smart and not have warrants, cop acted like west palm and naples were italy and france and couldnt believe we came so far to his shithole town, get tresspass warnings, on our way, o wait security guard who gave me the boot from howard shows up i straight walked right by that fake ass cop and we left. we go to some dumb spot, bert makes shit happen and grant does not come thru as usual. we leave and on the way grant and bert business ensues and they wanna look at some church spot. keep it short they get us all fake arrested and shit for telling some lady what time it is and this snaggle tooth old redneck goes apeshit and takes the lords name in vain in front of his own church and o yes did i call him out. they get nice dont arrest us and trespass us (mike too for reading a skate book in the parking lot). they go on their ferry little ways and pull over minorites in honda civics cuz thats what we do in the apk.

moral of the story- even ripndip riders can get caught so carry a gun so u can handle them boys in blue.

side note - threw a booger in grants hair he finds out right now.

wack kid wednesday that shit