Video Review: "Meshin' Around"

Posted January 25 2009


Once again, S-expo came and went, and another video was premiered. This time it was Mesh Skatepark's first video, "Meshin' Around." After what seems like years in the works, Jake Nursey along with Alex Elder and Vaughan Jensen got the vid finished and premiered, ten minutes before the premiere as usual.


The video featured Evan Smith, Chris Blake, Ryan Williamson, Jack Moran, Bert Wootton, and Miles Jensen, as well as a couple friends sections with Dustin Eggeling, Johan Stuckey, and Alex Elder to name a few.


 The intro was the standard slams to funny outtakes, giving the audience a peek at who's in the video. Chris Blake started the video off with a pretty serious part. Ledges to handrails, Chris handled it all smoothly. Miles had by far the cutest part. He always surprises me how good he is, and his part was no different. One of the only "kids" I've ever seen with some style. Jack's footage was "meshed" together with one of the friends montages. His footage along with Dustin Eggeling's was solid and stylish, with probably the best song in the video, turning out to be one of the best parts to watch. They finally got Bert "WOOTTON's" name spelled correctly, and his part was another good watch. His part was good, but a bit short. I think he's saving some footage for a couple other videos coming out in the near future.. After another friends montage starring some Longwood locals, Ryan Williamson's part came on. Any footage of Ryan is always good. He always skates fast, and always pops his tricks at least a foot above everyone else. After his part full of bangers, Evan's part came on. His intro seemed to have a bit more effort put into it, making his part even better. Throughout his whole part he kills it, with what seems like little to no effort whatsoever. Before you know it, the video was over, and the audience got a little peep show. The crowd at Mesh was pleased. 'Till next expo..