RIPNDIP Road Trip Video

Posted September 16 2015

The Summer Road Trip is everything awesome. Relentless, brutal heat, but with a solid crew like this and plenty of cold beer makes for a good time. Cheers, dudes. 


Ryan Townley

Jeff Carlyle

Kevin Liedtke

Matt Militano

Max Taylor

Film by: Darien Brown

RIPNDIP Road Trip Video Premiere

Posted September 16 2015

Photos and words by: Jacob Colmenero

Tour photo wall, all pictures on this beauty of a wall were taken by Alex Papke.

O’Connor and Townley…and Townley

Jack and Shwartz touching hands while making faces.

Shwartz, Jack, and Jessie, our homeboy.

Darien, the filmer, hanging with the homies, while Jessie lurks in the back

O’Connor giving one hell of a thank you before the video starts.

And it began.

Jacob Messex showing off another one of his talents, head banging.

RIPNDIP Road Trip Photos

Posted September 11 2015

Photos and words by: Alex Papke

Never being in Arizona prior to this trip I only had an idea of what to expect when it came to the heat.With temperatures topping off at 115 before noon, it only made sense Ryan started our day with the roof to pool gap to warm up.


Fast forward a couple of hours and this guy is already hopping over bump to bars to like a champ. You go Townley. Crook popover.


But just when you think hes gonna call it a day Ryan starts sailing kickflips over this guy too, no thanks to the heat.


The day wasnt half as bad as soon as the sun started to set. I bet that made it a hell of a lot easier for Kevin to back smith this hefty bump to ledge.


Once the sun set, just about everything got a little bit easier.


Jeff had a blast grinding through the half assed skate stoppers on this colorful bump to grind.


Ryan wasnt sure if this bump to wallride would work seeing how close the rail is to the top of the bank but within 15 minutes he had already done it 5 plus times, you know, just to make sure he did it right.


Millitino chillin while everyone else empties the pool.


Our plan was to try and skate Flagstaff for the day but seeing that the storm made just about everything we wanted to skate wet, it only made sense to take a quick pitstop at this pool in Two Guns, Arizona. While there was a bit of water in the bottom when we first got there, with a little work we were able to make Jeffs layback grind possible.


Once we arrived in Albuquerque and got our motel situation figured out, we made our way over to The University of New Mexico. After finding our way around the campus, Max brought me to this rad wall that went over a long planter. With no visible black marks on the wall, Max claimed this long wallride for himself.


Shortly after, Ryan came in frontside and got Maxs back. Solid use of teamwork guys.


Townley just got on Welcome!


Jeff was determined to find this hubba that was somewhere stashed away on campus. After a group of locals gave us a direction to look in and some hard work from Jeff and Ryan, the spot was found. Without much warmup, Jeff started hopping on front lipslides and taking them all the way down. After clipping the bottom ledge coming out and going down on the bench directly after the hubba, Jeff rolled away from this  lip lipslide fakie.


Once Jeff landed his trick, Townley got his back this time with a wallie board slide.


Ditch Crew.


A little heat never killed anyone, right? It didnt seem to make this back tail any harder for Jeff.


Darien wasnt down with the temperatures either.


That night was Kevins 21st birthday so we needed to do something fun. We somehow made our way to a five star suite at the Four Seasons in Downtown Austin, free drinks included. Kevin favorite part were the bouncy beds.



Back on the Road.


And of course they were stoked on Max, hes the baddest of the bunch.


Boob Selfie waiting for an uber.


After getting kicked out of the hotel suite at 8 AM and being left on the street feeling insane, we decided to make our way to Dallas. Hoping we would get the day off, I was banking passing out as soon as we got to Dallas but these guys wanted to sweat out their hangovers instead of sleeping them off. Feeling shitty or not, Kevin didnt have a problem taking nollie half cabs over this gap in a line every try.


Lord Nermal blessed us.


Victory swim.


That night a couple of homies took us around and showed us downtown Dallas. After getting kicked out of the spot, we circled our way back around for Ryan to get this 180 nosegrind.


Right before leaving Dallas, we wanted to try and find this indoor rail that Jeff skated the last time he was in town. After making it in and navigating around the building while avoiding staff, we were able to skate the rail with plenty of time to spare. Jeff snapped his board first go but after grabbing Maxs he was able to feeble this rail no problem.


Matt having a blast in St. Louis.


Townley back tailing through the crust.


Minor traffic collision en route to the spot.


Matt getting his feet warm with this upstream back smith.


Jeff trying to get his last tries before we left town to avoid the monsoon.


Next stop on the map was Chicago.


Ryan pushing his heart out at post office ledges.


After flicking a couple out, this varial flip in the rain was a piece of cake for Townley.


After a couple of days in Chicago, we drove east to Pennsylvania to crash in Pittsburgh for a night. Although Max and Ryan went back home, we kept it going at this very photogenic manual pad.


Once we got all of the broken glass cleared out of the landing, Jeff through a switch ollie over the rail into the crusty bank.


Matt ended the trip with this bump to bike rack fastplant in New York City. Cant wait until the next trip my dudes!


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